Go Crazy for Lasagna πŸ˜‹

Emma MindenJuly 28, 2021

Lasagna is one of my favourite things to make. I love how quickly it comes together and how many people it serves. In honour of National Lasagna Day, I’ve provided my go-to vegetable lasagna recipe. Try chef Monica’s creamy bΓ©chamel grilled vegetable lasagna.Β  It will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

Planting Fruits & Veggies 101πŸ“πŸ₯’πŸ’πŸ₯¬πŸ…

Nurin MoosaJuly 23, 2021

This summer, amidst the beautiful sunny days and humid weather, I’ve been craving fresh fruit and crisp veggies every day. And what better way to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies than growing them yourself! Building your very own fruit and vegetable garden is a great outdoor summer activity and helps teach your children the process of gardening.Β 

The best things in life are Mac & Cheese! πŸ§€

Emma MindenJuly 14, 2021

There is no doubt that macaroni and cheese is a fan favourite for people of all ages.Β  Whether you are vegan, gluten free or have other dietary restrictions, there are a variety of different mac and cheese recipes that can meet your specific needs without compromising on flavour. In honour...

3 French Fry Alternatives to Try Before the Summer Fries By!

Emma MindenJuly 08, 2021

Now that it’s summer, BBQ season is officially among us. These homemade healthier fry and chip alternatives are baked making them lower in calories and fat and a healthier option. No time to cook?Β  Try our new summer collection which includes delicious meals perfect for backyard family dinners, picnic and more!