A Picnic Can Pick Us Up During a Pandemic Summer ☀️

A Picnic Can Pick Us Up During a Pandemic Summer ☀️

August 05, 2020

Picnics are a great outdoor summer activity even during a pandemicGrab a blanket, a basket of food, a few refillable bottles of water and your own space in a public park (to socially distance) and you can enjoy a day outside! Here is a list of the Toronto’s best parks to have a picnic in this summer  

Getting creative with the menu can be a fun activity for you and your kids. Cutting up different sandwiches is a great way to add variety and have your family share and try different flavoursQuarter up a turkey, tomato and cheese, chicken pesto, and egg or tuna salad sandwich as some simple suggestions for having a variety of colourflavour and protein optionsMake sure to pack your sandwiches in eco-friendly reusable containers. Don’t forget to bring an ice pack to keep everything cool and safe during these hot summers days. 

Staying hydrated in the heat is always important. Try adding fresh fruit to your water for a refreshing change to the flavour. PersonallyI’m loving adding local berries to my water bottle right now. Besides water, try packing up a container of cut up watermelon or cucumbers as two great snack options that are filled with water and nutrients. Did you know that one whole watermelon is equivalent to about 18 cups of water?

Lastly, what would a picnic be without some healthy treats?  Try a package of our BOB Bars as an easy, on the go snack option, or bring a Wholesome salad with you, just add a freezer pack to the your picnic basket! 

Eat well, be well, 

Emma Minden, Registered Dietitian, Wholesome GO