What precautions are being taken by your company due to Covid-19?
Wholesome GO has COVID-19 Pandemic protocols in effect at our facility and for our employees and drivers.   Our Pandemic plan has been reviewed by Public Health, and we review and amend the plan based on updates or recommendations made by local health Public Health.   

An overview of our Pandemic Plan is linked to the yellow banner at the top of each page in our website to view additional details.



Where do you deliver to?

Delivery zone Ontario map
Wholesome GO offers local deliveries to select areas in the Greater Toronto Area:  Markham-Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Toronto, Newmarket, Aurora, King City, East Gwillimbury, Keswick, Georgina, Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, Ajax, Pickering and Whitby.  If your area is not listed here, please let us know at customercare@wholesomego.ca.  Once we have enough demand, we will consider adding new cities to our routes.

I entered my postal code and it says you don’t deliver to my area, but I live in a city that you deliver to.
Please send an email to customercare@wholesomego.ca and provide us your city and postal code, so we can rectify this for you.
Do you charge for delivery?
We charge a fee for delivery based on the size of your order.  The more you order, the lower the fee.  

Our delivery fees are as follows:

  • FREE delivery applies to all minimum orders of $100
  • $6.99 delivery fee applies to all minimum orders of $50 (and less than $100).
  • $13.99 delivery fee applies to orders less than $50

When will you be delivering to my area?
When you 'Check Out' on the website you will be asked to enter your postal code.  You will then be able to select a date and time window that works for you based on your area.  If the first date you choose doesn’t list a time you will be available, please select another date to view a time and select the date/time that works best for you.

Currently we deliver on Tuesdays to Fridays.  We will be monitoring orders and demand and will add additional delivery days as needed.

What if I’m not home to receive the order will the driver leave it?
No. For food safety reasons, our driver cannot leave your order at your doorstep if you are not home.   When you place your order for meals, please select a delivery date and time window when you will be home.  Your order will be delivered within that time window.  Food should be refrigerated immediately after you’ve received the food.

Are your food containers recyclable?
Yes.  Our containers are eco-friendly!  Our meals are served in an aluminum “Platinum Series” container that is 100% recyclable.  The container is a natural heat conductor that allows for reheating and you can bake, freeze and reheat in the container.  (Note: Dome lid must be removed prior to placing in oven).  As this container is aluminum it cannot be used in the microwave, food must be transferred to a microwave safe dish.


We ship our meals in an eco-friendly black paper-based recyclable packaging that is oven safe AND microwaveable.  Each container is now sealed, reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging.

Can I warm up the meals in the oven?
Yes.  Our silver containers and black containers are oven-safe.  Please remove the dome lid or plastic film prior to placing the container in the oven.  Cook thoroughly to an internal temperature of at least 74°C (165°F) before eating.  Oven cooking times may vary.

Can I warm up the meals in the microwave?
Yes.  If your food is in our black or white paper-based container you can heat up the food and container in the microwave.   If you receive a silver container, please remove the food from silver containers and place in a microwaveable safe dish.  The silver tin is not microwavable.   Cook thoroughly to an internal temperature of at least 74°C (165°F) before eating.  Microwave cooking times may vary.

New! Our Mini Meals are now provided in a white paper based, recyclable container that is microwaveable !

How long can the meals be stored in my refrigerator?
The meals will remain at their peak freshness for up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Bento Boxes are 3 days.

Can I freeze the meals?
We do not recommend freezing meals as it may affect the quality and taste.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel or change your order prior to preparation deadline (48 hours before delivery date) with no penalty or charges.  To cancel an order, please send an email to customercare@wholesomego.ca with your order # and your request to cancel.

Preparation Deadline:  48 Hours Prior to your Delivery Date

Any refunds that are issued due to a cancellation made prior to the preparation deadline, will be processed within 24-48 hours, and a written notification of cancellation will be sent to your email.  Refunds will be automatically made to the same credit card on the order.  Refunds may take 7-10 days to show on your credit card.

Refunds or changes cannot be made after these Preparation deadlines occur.  Our chefs need time to purchase and prepare the food in advance.


Do 'Family Meals' include the sides?
Yes!  You will receive the full meal, which includes one to two sides. 
Chicken Macaroni and Cheese is served with Yellow and Green Beans
Tandoori Chicken is served with Basmati Rice and Grilled Vegetables
For family meals, each component of the meal will be in separate containers, see illustration below of how the family meal components are delivered separately.

How many servings are in a Family Meal?
Family meals serve 4-5 people.    The exception is the red lentil curry meal as that serves 6 people.

Can I change the side dishes?
Not yet!  Our chefs have prepared and carefully selected the food pairings for you.  You can select additional sides to your meal.  To select an additional side please go to “On The Menu” and select Sides to view additional options.

How many servings are in a Mini Meal?
Mini Meals serve 1 person.   Despite their name, mini meals are quite filling and are perfect for lunches or dinner.

Are your meals nut-free?
Our facility is 100% nut-free, pork-free and shellfish-free. 

Do you have any gluten free options?
We offer 'gluten friendly' meal options, which do not contain any gluten ingredients. Although we clean our cooking areas, utensils and equipment in between uses, we do have gluten in our facility and therefore we cannot guarantee that cross contamination has not occurred. 

Do you have vegetarian and vegan options?
Absolutely! We have a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Our vegetarian meals do not contain any meat (chicken, beef or lamb) or fish ingredients. Our vegan meals are completely plant-based and contain no animal byproducts. 

What are the terms & conditions of your sampling program?

Only until December 16, 2021, Wholesome Go is offering a flat 30% off on all orders over $75* with code TRYGO. This offer can be redeemed only once per customer. *Shipping charges apply. To learn more about our other terms & conditions, visit our terms of service page.