Bento Box - Chicken & Mango Salad Rolls


These fresh and tasty salad rolls are full of flavour with slices of sweet mango, crisp cucumbers and chicken breast, paired with a side of Hoisen Sriracha sauce. Served alongside our blueberry peach compote and organic lemon snaps, this bento box will be a favourite this September!

What's included : 
Chicken Mango Salad Roll (215 grams), Hoisin Sauce (55 grams), Sha Sha Organic Lemon Snaps- 14 each (30 grams), Blueberry Peach Compote (80 grams)

PPM 150 Compliant

Serves: 1
Price per serving: $7.99

Bento-style lunch container & ice packs sold separately.